One Choice

If you are like me and always trying to incorporate Eco-friendly designs into your home and lifestyle but at times  feel overwhelmed by it all.  Remember, it does not have to be, an all or nothing proposition. There is plenty of room for compromise when shopping.  As you replace linens for the bed or bath, shop around.  You will be amazed how technology has changed textiles, in particular Eco-friendly textiles.  You can choose Organic Cotton Towels with Soflex Technology or Bamboo Towels made from bamboo textile, not viscose from bamboo!  Up front they may seem a bit more than what you may find at your nearest department or discount store, and with good reason.  They are thick and thirsty towels made with your comfort and the environment in mind. They stand up to a multitude of washes while remaining as soft as cashmere.  You will not find half of your towels in the dryer lint tray. This is when you realize that they are worth every penny! A year from now they will look as good and be just as soft as the day you bought them.

 Vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, and home accessories always had its fans.  It is fast becoming part of our DNA.  Not only is vintage practical, it can be fun too! We make a statement about our unique personal style and our reverence for enduring craftsmanship.  The gratification comes from snagging the perfect centerpiece for your dining table or treasure for your best friend’s birthday. And in a few years you have the option to pay it forward. Someone else can enjoy their new found treasure.

 Little things can add up into something REALLY BIG! If we all make one choice, each day, on behalf of family, home, and our planet, we really could change the world!